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configure your TL-WR802N router to work wiht DSL Modem device

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configure your TL-WR802N router to work wiht DSL Modem device

Configuring Tp-Link routers are not too hard and you can easily follow some simple steps to complete the configuration. This article will describe configuring TL-WR802N router to work with DSL Modem device. The setup tp link console can help you to know about some common issues and fixing them (configure them where required).

Configuring TL-WR802N router to work with DSL Modem

Preparations before starting configuration process:

You need to connect your modem to the WAN/LAN port of the TP-Link router. For this you can use an Ethernet cable.

tp link cloud

Now you need to start your devices. So, firstly you need to power on your router and then modem (It is recommended to mind the sequence).


Now connect your laptop or any other device to the router. You can use the default WiFi Name and WiFi Password that is printed on the WiFi Info Card. tp link

Now verify the internet connection on you http //tplinkap.net  laptop or smart phone, and then please make sure about below points:

– If you are able to access internet without any restriction, then there is no requirement of any other configuration.

– But if you are redirected to an authentication page, then you need to configure your router. Please complete the configuration process with below steps.


  • TO do this configuration you need to login to the router.
  • Now navigate to Quick Setup and then click the Next button to proceed.
  • Now select the Wireless Router mode and click the Next button.
  • Under WAN Connection Type Select Dynamic IP, and then again click Next.
  • Now from the displayed screen select to clone the mac address or not based on your requirement and then click the Next button. If you need to go with other connection types, then enter the parameters provided by your internet service provider, and then click Next.
  • Customize your Wireless Network Name and WiFi Password ,and then click Next.
  • Finally click the Finish button to complete the configuration, and check the WAN part to see the IP address.

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